Proverbs 15:30 says – a cheerful look brings joy to the heart, and good news gives health to the bones.

One of the legends in comedy started his stand up career like any other comedian, as he performed on a stage, for very low wages, in smoke filled bars.  However, being funny was not the only talent that got him recognized.  He could also sing, dance and act.  This young, scrawny looking entertainer was launched into stardom during the Golden-Age of Hollywood.   It wouldn’t be until after many years of success as a comedian/actor that he would be remembered through the generations as more than a funny dancing song man…

If anyone could cheer a heart this funny fellow could.  The reality of the above verse was displayed heavily upon his heart for his “KIDS” because each one, all over the world, all different ages… had been affected by a terrible life threatening disease that attacked their little muscles, their small bones and their tiny lives.  His solution was simple… make people smile.  So as many of his “Kids” suffered their infirmities -Jerry Lewis, along with his “friends” entertained others who had healthy children, in the hopes that they too would have compassion and give money through countless businesses, programs and annual telethons that would last all night long – just making people smile, laugh and enjoy life.

God’s Word has much to say about being cheerful, laughing and the power of a smile. Perhaps that is why many doctors and medical personnel have already taken this verse seriously -referring to how a “cheerful heart” is good medicine.  One thing is for sure we know that this slapstick comic took it to heart and so should we. 

There are many times a smile is all it takes to greet a stranger, to reassure a worried friend or soften a tense moment.  However, maybe you are wondering how to smile when there is so much making you sad.  Well, it may sound cliché but… SMILE anyway.  There is a really good chance that someone will smile back! Now maybe you’re not a comedian, actor or singer.  Perhaps you don’t even have a funny bone in your body; the fact is… you still can SMILE.

Let’s look at the verse once more -
A cheerful look brings joy to the heart, and good news gives health to the bones. 

There are two important Truths here that are mentioned… First, it is a SMILE that brings JOY to our HEART.  We often get so bogged down with the troubles of our life (past, present and future), that we often become sad over the many issues in this world.  It makes perfect sense to us that if we are un-happy why should we smile?  I mean, what is the point?

Well, actually this verse is pointing out to us that the “point” is that when we SMILE, it will bring the joy back to our Hearts – which in turn can make us Happy again!

The second important Truth mentioned is that along with the smile that brings us joy to our heart, it is “good news” that brings health to the bones.  If you are still a bit skeptical, consider all the research that has been proven on some of the saddest places in the world.  Think about the children’s hospitals and nursing homes.  It is in these places where a smile, a laugh and good news from friends and family have not only brought cheerfulness, but in some cases added years to a life.  Consider if you will – our soldiers that fight for our country.  Their outlook is very bleak at times and yet their spirits can be lifted up, as they read letters of good news from caring patriots back home… which often gives them just enough encouragement that is needed to carry on.

However, out of all of the smiles, laughter and good news that can make a difference, it is only the GOOD NEWS of JESUS that can CHANGE a life!

So, if you are a person who is searching for answers in this life, look no further.  God loves you and Jesus is YOUR answer!  Now, if that doesn’t cheer you up then not much will – because He offers lasting JOY that will satisfy your soul.

For the Believer, it is apparent that when we add Jesus to our smiles and share the GOOD NEWS with others, we offer more than just empty fillers to our conversation. Rather, we offer the concrete absolute of HOPE!  Remember  – whenever “someone” comes to know Jesus or  a person shares Jesus with someone, this IS what makes GOD SMILE!

Don’t look now but YOUR HEART is SMILING!

Extra Verses for Personal Study:
Proverbs 14:13, Proverbs 15:13, Proverbs 15:15, Proverbs 17:22