Simply Solitude 

The purpose of this area of ministry is to encourage you to take a few busy moments out of your day and spend some time reflecting. So, when you are ready, grab your favorite beverage, say a prayer for the Lord to speak to your heart.

Now please select one of the devotionals below, follow the step by step instructions, sit back and enjoy the full experience and music along with scripture during your quiet time with the Lord.

We pray you feel the Peace of His Presence.

Step 1 ~ Pray that the Lord will touch your heart
Step 2 ~ Click on the link below for the devotional for the current season
Step 3 ~ Click on the youtube link to hear music (long play). Take a few minutes to just listen and worship the Lord.
Step 4 ~ Begin reading the devotional
Step 5 ~ When you have finished reading go back and re-read just the scriptures
Step 6 ~ Ask God to help you specifically with these verses as they relate to your life
Step 7 ~ Please visit this page again each season to experience a new devotional


 • Spring