Simply Connect  

April Sky wants to offer you a more "personal touch" of encouragement.

What is Simply Connect? We are so glad you asked!

Simply Connect is April Sky's newest area of ministry which is meant to bring our audience effective and direct continuous encouragement.

Listed below are a few things you can expect:

Send you out special cards and notes to encourage you ~ as needed
Pray for your specific requests with the utmost confidentiality
Be your friend to cheer with you in times of celebrations
Be your friend to comfort you during difficult or hard times
Be your mentor to help guide you and develop your walk with the Lord
Help keep you connected to all the latest updates and info regarding April Sky
Plus much more!

We offer three different types of encouragement.

Smile - Basic Encouragement
Heal - Emergency Encouragement
Identity - Equipping Encouragement

Click here to check them out now!

We also occasionally offer an encouragement of a different kind, in a fun social gathering.


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