Simply Donate  

We have several opportunities for you to donate through our ministry.

Occasionally we will partner with other foundations, special mission projects and local ministries in an effort to help others raise funds for their cause.

Dylan Foundation ~ Type "DYLAN" in the salesperson field when purchasing a book to have the proceeds benefit the Dylan Foundation.

Other Donations

Gift Card Blessing ~ This is a super simple way you can be involved in this ministry and bless so many lives. If you want to give us a purchased gift card or one that has been unused, we can find a great way to extend encouragement to someone. Below we have given you an idea of why gift cards are such a blessing to others.

We are constantly meeting and treating others to coffee and meals to encourage, witness, mentor and equip others with the Love of Jesus Christ. Your gift can really help out in this area of ministry.

We sometimes are led to help those who need a little more, as we meet them where they are and help get them to a slightly better place.

Money ~ Donations to our ministry are not tax deductible at this time. However, any monetary gifts received will be considered a blessing and are much appreciated and will be used to encourage others within the various areas of this ministry. Donations can be mailed to April Sky Ministries, P.O. Box 913, Crowley, TX 76036.

Time ~ Become a volunteer for our ministry. Click here to learn more.

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