It is not uncommon for Jodie to get asked questions regarding her, her books, and her writing.
Below we have listed several of them that we thought we would share with you.


    Q:How long have you been writing?
    A:I have been writing poems since I was 11yrs old and devotionals since my 20's.
    Q: What was the first poem you ever wrote?
    A: God's Watching
    Q: How long does it usually take for you to write a poem?
    A: It usually takes a day or so if it has been awhile since I have written but if I have been writing more frequently--typically 15 to 20 mins.
    Q: Are your poems written from your own personal experiences or someone elses?
    A: Most of my poems are written from my own journey and what God has personally taught me. However other poems are written as God leads me to create a character or muse to share HIs message with others.
    Q: What is your favorite poem?
    A: I have two old favorites- The Sparrow and Have You Seen Jesus. One new favorite is Waiting on Healing.
    Q: Where do you get your inspiration from?
    A: My inspiration comes from God, His Word, people, places and situations in life.
    Q: Who is your publisher?
    A: CreateSpace is the online print on demand resource that we chose to use for the book "The Trusting Time". However, now April Sky Ministries has become our self-publishing label for "In the Suffering" and future projects.
    Q: Why did you choose to self-publish your books instead of going through a main publisher?
    A: The short answer is that after much prayer and research, we found self-publishing to be the better choice for me and my books.
    Q: How long did it take you to publish your books?
    A: It took 4 months for the book "The Trusting Time", 3 months for "In the Suffering", and 3 months for "Careful Whispers".
    Q: Are all the poems in your books your own?
    A: Yes, all of them have been written by me.
    Q: Out of all the books you have written which is your favorite?
    A:Actually, it is always the current book I am working on.
    Q: Are you planning on writing any books that aren't poetry?
    A: One thing I have learned each time I write is the God places on my heart the words. Sometimes they are in the form of poetry and sometimes they are more the style of devotionals. So, I believe I am not limited to a certain style of writing.
    Q: Are you planning on ever making these books available on audio?
    A:Favorites from each of the three books are available on CD.
    Q: When will these books be available on Kindle?
    A: "The Trusting Time" and "In The Suffering" are available on Kindle. "Careful Whispers" is coming soon to Kindle also.
    Q: Are the books available in hardback?
    A: All three books are available in hardback, but only through this web site (not Amazon).
    Q: What has been the most exciting thing for you since becoming an author?
    A: Personally, seeing my book signing advertised on a chalkboard outside the bookstore during one Christmas season. Spiritually, the most exciting thing has been the various encounters with people at my events and seeing how God is working in it all.
    Q: What has been the most challenging thing for you since becoming a published author?
    A: My most challenging thing since becoming an author has been dealing with Fibromyalgia.
    Q: How does Fibromyalgia affect you personally?
    A: I am in a constant state of pain. I have three main symptoms: muscle weakness, muscle pain and fatigue.
    Q: Are you receiving any treatment for the Fibromyalgia?
    A: Not at the present, I mostly just manage it by watching my "pain triggers" which are: stress, anxiety and weather. My husband Phil, does a lot to take care of me when I am in too much pain.
    Q: Do you and your husband have any children?
    A: No, we do not have any children of our own. We are however, the proud Aunt and Uncle of many nieces and nephews between us.
    Q: What do you most enjoy about writing?
    A: The thing I love the most about writing is when I write I am placed in a moment and time where I feel like I am just taking notes for God - as I sit at His feet.
    Q: What advice do you have for anyone who is thinking about becoming a writer and publishing a book?
    A: My advice would be that whatever your talent is writing or otherwise you should always apply these principles: 1) Pray and ask God to lead you, connect you to the right people and decide on what is best for you and your venture. 2) Do your research, homework and always check the fine print before signing, agreeing or committing to anything. 3) Find a personal friend or family member who will go through this journey with you. This person needs to help you stay objective in situations when you can't. 4) Always, give God the Glory for all of it - success or setbacks. Success will show you more of His Power - Setbacks will show you more of His Strength.
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